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     through theater and the written word...Her Story Theater

    shines bright lights in dark places on women and children in need of social justice and community support
    creates a place and space to exchange ideas that support writers and performers
    provides educational workshops and classes

    this season's light falls on...

    homeless women 
    sex trafficking of children
    violence against women


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      HER STORY THEATER is a not-for-profit corporation.  

      All donations go to the development of scripts and productions for Her Story Theater. They directly benefit women and children in need of public support, awareness and advocacy. 


      1.  DONATE       
      2.  Sponsor A Production     
      3.  Volunteer                                                                                                      

      WHAT WE DO 

      • HER STORY THEATER creates original works based on interviews of Chicago people.  
      • Chicago is a big city that reflects the world.  
      • We believe that if our audiences see what's in their backyards, on their streets, next door, in their offices...literally right under their noses in some cases...they will identify with the issue HST puts understand the spotlight.  
      • It will become personal. 
      • Our plays reflect social issue happening nationally and internationally.  
      • Our performances reflect the human and inhumane conditions of women and children.
      • With permisison from participants, we conduct extensive interviews with survivors or those involved with the issue such as law enforcement, lawyers, judges, health care workers, social workers etc.  
      • We turn those interviews into a pwerful, mind changing, fictionalized stage play.
      • In doing so, we present our audience with truths. These truths ask our audiences to take action.
      • We raise funds for our partners.
      • We are advocates for their cause.
      • We get our audiences pro-active in volunteering, advocating, fundraising or donating.
      • We focus on the: Homeless, Sex Trafficked, Abused
      • All our scripts are available to other theaters companies and supporting organizations who wish to raise awareness, funding, advocates in their community.
      • Our proceeds have benefited: The Dreamcatcher Foundaiton, Anne's House, Debra's Place, Chicago Public Schools. 
      • We are a grassroots professional theater company with a number of volunteers and professional artists who give of their time and talent. 
      • To a better, safer and more equitable world.
      • We are currently looking for sponsors for the upcoming production of MONEY MAKE'M SMILE...dealing with the lives of children lost and sold into sex trafficking.