October 16-November 23, 2014

SHADOW TOWN II...focuses on men who buy women for sex - the johns -  97% men support the $32 billion dollar business of sex trafficking, making it the 2nd largest illegal business in the world...beating out weapons.  Proceeds will benefit The DREAMCATCHER FOUNDATION Centers for sex trafficked girls and women.      



Congrats to the Shadow Town Team


And to all who help make it possible!



 through theater and the written word...Her Story Theater

shines bright lights in dark places on women and children in need of social justice and community support
creates a place and space to exchange ideas that support writers and performers
provides educational workshops and classes

this season's light falls on...

homeless women 
sex trafficking of children
violence against women


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    a theater for social change

    thru performance and writing
    • to raise public awareness; as a call to action for social change for women and children in need of community support and social justice.
    • as a tool to teach, to bridge gaps, to create understanding, to harness empathy.
    • to develop original work by artists for audiences.   

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    a world premiere play about men in Chicago who buy Chicago women and girls for sex and what it costs.

    Proceeds will benefit  THE DREAMCATCHER FOUNDATION

    CRISIS CENTERS for sex trafficked girls and women in Chicago.



    Thank you EILEEN FISHER, it was a remarkable evening with so much support and energy in the room.  Great company, great evening, great cause. Thanks for doing your part in helping to end sex trafficking.     Thank you for the gift to help make SHADOW TOWN II possible. 

    WATER TOWER, CHICAGO 2nd level



    Award winning playwright, Mary Bonnett discussed sex trafficking in Chicago through the eyes of her  highly acclaimed play, Shadow Town. 10 percent of the proceeds from purchases made on January 30th benefited The Dreamcatcher Foundation, an organization that rescues trafficked girls in Chicago.  6:30PM, January 30, 2014 on the 2nd level of the Michigan Ave Water Tower store, a large gathering heard the issues of this wide spread crime and how you can be part of the solution.


    SHADOW TOWN  a play about sex trafficking  Top Ten BEST Play of 2013


    We wish to thank the people who made SHADOW TOWN a success.  We the people of Chicago raised $20,000 from ticket sales alone, plus personal contributions and grants to give our partners' the continued support they need in fighting sex trafficking in our city.  Here's to  The Dreamcatcher Foundation      The Salvation Army PROMISE Program Anne's House.

    SHADOW TOWN will be returns in the

    Spring of 2015 for another six week run



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    HER STORY THEATER's mission, through theater and the written word, is to shine bright lights in dark places on women and children in need of social justice and community support.
    Sex trafficking in Chicagoland, what does it mean?
    It's all in the numbers.
     16,000 children sexually trafficked a YEAR   CAASE
    18,000-25,000 women & children commercially sexually exploited a DAY  Jody Raphael
    97% of the users are men  
    Average age is 11

    SHADOW TOWN, created and written by Mary Bonnett, Artistic Director, Her Story Theater, is a powerful attitude changing production on the nightmarish issue of sex trafficking impacting our young women and children in Chicagoland.





    Susan Oppenheimer, Gary Houston, Connie Foster and Alma Washington with Chicago SAG-AFTRA, The United Methodist Temple Church and Reverend Witt, Debbie Zionts and the women from Highland Park, Luther Goins with Chicago Actors Equity, Gay-Young Cho with IWA, Teddy Savas, Diana Anton with Chicago Lights, 4TH Presbyterian Church, Emily Hooper Lansana with Logan Arts UIC, Elliot Edwards, Molly and Jim Peters, Melanie Scofield and Alyse Chadwick with The Salvation Army, Marilyn Katz of MK Communications, Norm Gruenwald, Jill Chuckerman with Jacs Communication, Tom Hall, Veronica Idoate, Judge Ann Breen-Greco, Jennifer Greene, with Il. State's Attorney Office, Joanne Bieschke with Cook County Sheriff Department, Joan Kufrin, Laura Elleseg, Robin Winter Odem with American Women for International Understanding, Jackie Kirley with Working Women's History Project, Helene Gabelnick with League of Women Voters Chicago, Mary Ann Johnson with Chicago Area Women's History Council, Laila and Kristen Cone with Gypsy Moon, Duffy Adelson with Merit School of Music, Nathan Adloff, Lauren Deutsch with Jazz Institute of Chicago, Karrie Goldberg of The Kagency, Jan Kallish, Gail Kalver, Catherine Marienau with DePaul University, Irene Michaels with JAM Productions, John Oppenheimer, Gary Snyderman with Old Town School of Folk Music, Helen Ramirez-Odell, Chicago Teachers Union.  Martha Lavey, Artistic Director, Steppenwolf Theater, Jeff Lindberg, leader of Chicago Jazz Orchestra, Chay Yew, Artistic Director, Victory Gardens Theater, Luis Alfaro, writer, director, activist. Mark Rodriquez, Executive Director Changing Worlds, Rob Schroeder, Chi Arts instructor, American Association of University Women, Traffick Free, Diane Mikutis, The Edge Gallery, Rebecca Pavlatos, Katerina of Katerina's Jazz Club, Katherine Rush, Hyde Park Jazz Festival, Kate Dumbleton, Lauren Moltz, Judith Stein, Almarie Wagner, Robert Irving III, Patricia Pike.

    Special Thanks to:  Jill Chuckerman with JACs Communication, Amy Bacon Volpe PR, Barb Bailey with Barb Bailey Entertainment, Katherine Rush with Katherine Rush & Associates, Melissa Wilson and Hubbard Street Dance Company, Timmy Fett, Gaye Klopack, Brittany Brown, Karen Vance.

    Our wonderful partners, we thank Frank M, director of Salvation Army PROMISE program and  SA PROMISE staff, Anne's House, Brenda Meyers-Powell and Stephanie Daniels-Wilson of The DREAMCATCHER Foundation

    SHADOW TOWN CAST:  Rashawn Thompson becomes a member of the cast of SHADOW TOWN along with Danielle Nicholas, Kenesha Reed, Hisako Sugeta, Angelina Llongueras, Genesis Salamanca, Lindsey Scalise, Sunny Choi, Zahra Baker, Cody Davis, John Zander