through theater and the written word...Her Story Theater

shines bright lights in dark places on women and children in need of social justice and community support
creates a place and space to exchange ideas that support writers and performers
provides educational workshops and classes

this season's light falls on...

homeless women 
sex trafficking of children
violence against women


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    Anne's House

    The Dreamcatcher Foundation 

    SHADOW TOWN, created and written by Mary Bonnett, Artistic Director, Her Story Theater, is a powerful attitude changing production on the nightmarish issue of sex trafficking impacting our young women and children in Chicagoland.

    SHADOW TOWN is based on Mary's interviews with people involved with sex trafficking in Chicagoland, from undercover detectives, vice squad, social workers, therapists, johns, pimps, and the women and girls trafficked.

    Uniquely woven with dance and music, this memory piece follows the lives of 4 young girls', Marisol from Humbolt Park, Tatiana from the West side of Chicago, Samantha from Naperville and Ling Ling from China, and their journey into 'The Life' and modern day slavery.

    The issue is very real and happening in our city, suburbs, and rural areas. Please join us, see the play, learn how you can make a difference with the after show discussion and stop this epidemic endangering our children.

     There is a Q & A after each performance.

    Each performance has a different Chicago notable who performs the role of Samantha's parent, (Samantha is the child from Naperville who disappeared from a connection she made on the internet followed by her parents frantic search for her), along with a celebrity singer opening the show, followed by a reception where our  singer performs for that night's audience in the comforts of The Den Theater's lounge.  




    Robin Robinsonnews anchor Fox Chicago joins SHADOW TOWN as herself 


    (Please note: Guest Celebrities are subject to change)

    A  reception follows each show with an amazing Chicago singer.  Join us.

    October 10, 2013   GARY HOUSTON, award winning actor, director, writer, journalist

    October 11, 2013   KAREN LEWIS, CTU President, child advocate

    October 12, 2013   SI OSBORNE, celebrated actor, Jeff award winner.

    October 13, 2013   RICK KOGAN, senior writer, Chicago Tribune

    October 17, 2013   BILL KURTIS, DONNA LAPIETRA, angels and power couple of media.

    October 18, 2013   MARTHA NUSSBAUM, law professor at University of Chicago, author

    October 19, 2013   MARION BROOKS  NBC  5 Chicago, anchor and reporter

    October 20, 2013   NATALIE WEST, famed for Rosanne Barr TV series, actor 

    October 24, 2013   JAMES SHERMAN, award winning playwright

    October 25, 2013   WILL CLINGER, Channel 11 Wild Chicago fame, actor and comedian

    October 26, 2013   CEDRIC YOUNG, award winning actor for film and stage

    October 27, 2013   THERESA GUTIERREZ, Emmy award winning journalist, ABC 7

    October 31, 2013   ANITA ALVAREZ,  IL Cook County State's Attorney, advocate

    November 1, 2013  Congresswoman JAN SCHAKOWSKY, U.S. House of Reps

    November 2, 2013  CHERYL LYNN BRUCE, Award winning actress

    November 3, 2013  VICKY CURTISS, Assoc. Pastor of Mission, 4th Presbyterian Church

    November 7, 2013  SYLVIA EWING, WTTW, Channel 11, journalist

    November 8, 2013  ERIC ZORN, Chicago Tribune Columnist, noted author

    November 9, 2013  DENNIS ZACEK, Tony Award winner, founder Victory Gardens

    November 10, 2013  JOEL DALY, award winning news anchor, lawyer and actor

    November 14, 2013  BEN JORAVSKY, editorialist for The Reader, author Hoop Dreams

    November 15, 2013  WARREN CHAPMAN, Senior Vice President, Columbia College

    November 16, 2013  ALEX KOTLOWITZ, awarded author, There Are No Children Here.

    November 17, 2013 Honorable VIRGINIA KENDALL, U.S. District Federal Judge 


     Singers Performing for SHADOW TOWN and taking a stand against sex trafficking:

    Our wonderful singers open a show each night and perform for a reception following each show.

    Oct. 10  Shauntia Toussaint Fleming, jazz
    Oct. 11  Dee Alexander opens play, Big Time Sarah reception
    Oct. 12  Maggie Brown, jazz, blues  
    Oct  13  Laura Walls, jazz      
    Oct. 17  Lynne Jordon, blues
    Oct. 18  Yvonne Gage, jazz
    Oct. 19  Holly McGuire, jazz
    Oct. 20  Yoko Noge, jazz, on piano   
    Oct. 24  Julia Huff, jazz
    Oct. 25  Shawn Christopher, jazz, R&B
    Oct. 26  Suzanne Petri, cabaret
    Oct. 27  Gaye Klopack, jazz
    Oct. 31  Margeret Murphy, jazz
    Nov. 1   Frieda Lee, jazz
    Nov. 2   Tressa Thomas R & B   
    Nov. 3   Bobbi Wilsyn, jazz        
    Nov. 7   Molly Callinan, blues
    Nov  8   Typhanie Monique, jazz
    Nov. 9   Senabella, jazz
    Nov. 10  Kimberley Church, jazz
    Nov. 14  Molinea Lewis, jazz, blues
    Nov. 15  Lucy Smith, jazz
    Nov. 16  Tammy McCann, jazz   
    Nov. 17  Spider Saloff, jazz



    Thursday - Saturday 7:30PM  Sunday 3:00PM

    October 10 - November 17, 2013 


    The Den Theater  1333 N. Milwaukee Ave  Chicago, IL

    2nd Floor  Main Stage   

    Note: There are no elevators, must use stairs to get to theater.


    Parking available on the street and possible Jewel parking lot, a few buildings south of theater.  Please check back for information closer to date of opening.