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PA State Trial Court Lawyers

Chicago Clinical Social Workers Conference

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Traffick Free Performance

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Philidelphia Trial Court Conference

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Radical Ideas! Women and The Vote!

MONGERS  August 30 - September 30, 2018


Past Events

Traffick Free Freedom Gallery November 3, 2017

AhGottaHandle On It October 23, 2017 

 Steppenwolf & BET Evening of "ISMS". Sept. 25, 2017

Dinner At 1800  September 11, 2017

Girls Forward Workshop  August 11, 2017

 6th Annual Chicago Women's Funny Festival June 18th

Chicago MONEY MAKE'M SMILE  Feb 11- March 10, 2017 

Houston, Texas THE JOHNS  January 2017

Chicago COURT SIDE  November 21, 2016


6th Annual Cook County Human Trafficking Task Force Conference




Recent Honors


ILLINOIS STATE SENATE HERO AWARD for Outstanding Work In Raising Awareness on the Issue of Sex Trafficking.

The Oppenheimer Family Foundation Grant


The Oppenheimer Family Foundation

Chicago Teachers Union

Sunlight Project  4th Presbyterian Church


The Dreamcatcher Foundation

Deborah's Place

Anne's House


Greenhouse Theater Center

Chicago Cultural Center

After School Matters

Chicago Communities In Schools 

Illiniois Holocaust Museum

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     through theater and the written word...Her Story Theater

    shines bright lights in dark places on women and children in need of social justice and community support
    creates a place and space to exchange ideas that support writers and performers
    provides educational workshops and classes

    this season's light falls on...

    homeless women 
    sex trafficking of children
    violence against women


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      Eric Zorn

      The Chicago Daily Observer

      Don Rose is a political columnist and the former press secretary of Martin Luther King. He came to see SHADOW TOWN on Saturday night and this is what he wrote in his column today. Thank you, Don, we are very grateful. 

      "...More on changing from an appointed to an elected board in forthcoming columns, but I must take a moment to comment on a riveting new play, written and directed by Mary Bonnett, dealing with the rarely exposed but horrific topic of sexual trafficking in Chicago--a contemporary slavery that holds Asian immigrants, vulnerable local black, Latina and even white suburban children in medieval bondage.

      I expected Shadow Town to be a typical, didactical rendering of a huge social problem. What I found instead was a compelling, maturely written and beautifully acted play with caustic use of music and dance that’s Brechtian in concept, sucking you in then alienating, then bringing you in again to the story of four girl-children and how they descended into “the life” of prostitution.

      Our guide is a satanic super-pimp who introduces himself as “a man of wealth and taste,” then becomes a sardonic Virgil leading us down through his hell in 10 lessons, mixing sweet-talk, beatings and murder. Rashawn Thompson is magnificent in the role.